Cross Stitch Color Trends 2024

Cross Stitch Color Trends 2024

Posted by Celia Jenkins on May 16th 2024

Do you like keeping up to date with the latest fashions or sprucing up your home with the change of the seasons? Taking inspiration from trending colors and themes is a great way to spark creativity in your cross stitch. Take a look at some of the hottest colors hitting the product lines for summer 2024 and see which ones will be featuring in your next needlework project.

Peach Fuzz 

The Pantone color of the year is the best place to start when thinking about fashionable 2024 colors. Named Peach Fuzz 13-1023, this color “captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It's a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.” If you like gentle, neutral tones and shy away from the hot pinks and lime greens that often trend in the summertime, you’ll fall in love with peach fuzz as your color inspiration. The best thing about a subtle tone like peach fuzz, is that if you do prefer a pop of something a bit more characterful, this tine will work as an excellent background choice. 

The obvious choice for getting a bit of peach fuzz into your home interiors is with a lovely wall hanging of a cross stitch peach. There are plenty of kits available, some with catchy slogans like ‘just peachy’ or ‘practice what you peach’. You could go the whole hog with a cross stitch fruit bowl to decorate your kitchen, featuring other trending colors like lemon yellow. The peach motif will look lovely decorating a kitchen the whole year around, but if you want to incorporate this idea into something with sweet summer vibes, how about decorating a peach-themed tote bag for taking to the beach, or using peach colored floss when decorating a seasonal shawl? 

Here are some of our favorite patterns featuring this on trend color: We love this cheeky bird, showing off plumage in the best peach fuzz hues. These poppies in peach tones rather than traditional red make for a beautiful arrangement, while this sampler brings all the brightness of summer into a cute design. Peach Fuzz doesn’t limit you to fruit bowl colors and motifs – use this hue to inspire a variety of designs in your 2024 color palette. 

Dulux Colors

When it comes to interior design, we look to Dulux when considering the best paint palette for our home. Light pink, foliage green, and gentle blue are all hues that are on trend for 2024. Like the Pantone recommendation, you’ll notice that loud colors are on a downtrend and subtle tones are in, which easily pair with neutrals that might already feature in your home. 

Use cross stitch to elevate your home furnishing when choosing these colors. If you’re putting up new curtains in Coastal Grey or Teal Voyage, how about embellishing the hem with little cross stitch fish, boats, and marine life? If you’re picking out new cushions in Honey Nut or Golden Sand, why not use a complimentary thread in Patisserie Pink to stitch a pretty design? You don’t have to redecorate a whole room – just add colorful flourishes which can be changed with the seasons. You’ll be surprised at how just a few handmade items in a prominent location can really lift the vibe throughout your home.

Fashionable Threads 

If you like using cross stitch to make on-trend fashion accessories for yourself, then you’ll want to pay attention to the color trends for 2024 as recommended by Marie Claire. While fashion trends can turn on a hairpin, we love the colors that have been hitting the catwalk this spring - glacial blue, charcoal grey, apricot crush, butter yellow, stark white, and pale lilac.

Glacial blue accessories will add a cooling touch to your outfits on a warm summer’s day. An embroidered silk scarf or a decorated headband are great ideas to get creative with this color, or perhaps find inspiration using a cool blue aida

Charcoal grey is sophisticated enough to add excitement to drab office wear. How about a sleek grey cross stitch brooch using a shimmering thread, or a wide belt decorated in different shades of grey. Apricot crush is a bit bolder than peach fuzz – you could combine the two with a pop of bright color on top of a subtle background. Use these ideas to decorate tote bags, embellish cardigans or make stylish cross stich jewelry. Fashion accessories don’t take long to put together, so you can use cross stitch in appropriate colors to lift your outfit whatever the season. 


So which of the top 2024 colors will be featuring in your cross stitch projects this year? Whether you’re hoping to make something timeless or totally on trend, we’re sure you can find inspiration from the colors hitting the catwalk this summer!