Want to learn everything there is to know about cross-stitching? Our charts tell you everything you need to know about where to stitch and what color to use as you create your design. The grid on our cross-stitch chart corresponds to the grid by the weave of the fabric, and each colored square on the chart represents a cross-stitch. You will become an expert in no time.

  • Bluebell Fairy

    Bluebell Fairy

    Bluebell Fairy may produce strong magic as well as a stunning design on the fabric of your choice! Hand drawn…

  • Cat & Bats

    Cat & Bats

    "Cat & Bats" cross stitch chart is cute and cuddly with a twist of spooky! Stitched on Halloween Cat…

  • Santa


    "Santa" cross stitch chart is a gift in itself! Hand drawn and painstakingly charted by hand stitch by stitch…

  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

      "Christmas Tree" cross stitch chart brings back memories of old family traditions. Hand drawn and pain…

  • Brown Hare

    Brown Hare

    "Brown Hare" cross stitch chart is incredibly realistic! Hand drawn and painstakingly charted by hand stitch …

  • Ice Queen

    Ice Queen

    "Ice Queen" cross stitch chart incorporates a beautiful array of pastel colors. Hand drawn and painstakingly …

  • Rockin' Raccoon

    Rockin' Raccoon

    "Rockin' Raccoon" cross stitch chart will get you moving! Rock out and create a superstar. Hand drawn and pai…

  • Noella in Vermont

    Noella in Vermont

    "Noella in Vermont" cross stitch chart brings a feeling of Vermont winter charm. Lets get cozy!   Hand d…

  • Bunny Costume

    Bunny Costume

      "Bunny Costume" cross stitch chart is an Easter surprise!  Hand drawn and painstakingly charted b…

  • Grace


      "Grace" cross stitch chart is designed for dog lovers at heart! Hand drawn and painstakingly charted b…

  • Egg Couple

    Egg Couple

      "Egg Couple" cross stitch chart is perfect for an Easter surprise, or to just stitch something super cu…

  • Crowned Bird

    Crowned Bird

    "Crowned Bird" cross stitch chart is king of the avian kingdom! Hand drawn and painstakingly charted by hand …

  • Forest Miracle

    Forest Miracle

    "Forest Miracle" cross stitch chart brings the beauty of nature to your project. Hand drawn and painstakingly…

  • Fanciful Wizard

    Fanciful Wizard

    "Fanciful Wizard" cross stitch chart is alive with wonder! Hand drawn and painstakingly charted by hand stitc…