Bluebell Fairy

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Bluebell Fairy may produce strong magic as well as a stunning design on the fabric of your choice!

  • Hand drawn and painstakingly charted by hand stitch by stitch
  • Easy to follow with outlines marked easily
  • Large, clear vibrant color chart on quality printed paper


Design Notes:

The exact quantities required are below calculated using two strands on 14 Aida.

Design Size: 161 x 224 Stitches 11.5 x 16" (29x40cm)

Fabric Size shown in Kit / preview: 18x27" (45x68cm)

41 Different colors used. Please note if purchasing our Thread Kit we send FULL 8.7 Yard Skeins.


Bluebell Fairy

153 2m
154 2,5m
155 6,4m
208 3,1m
209 4,15m
210 7,65m
211 4,75m
310 1,9m
333 5,8m
340 0,85m
341 0,9m
414 3,25m
415 3,25m
434 0,5m
436 0,3m
437 0,7m
472 0,6m
519 0,1m
550 0,05m
552 0,55m
553 1,8m
554 2,75m
581 1,8m
676 0,8m
677 0,9m
712 0,8m
729 0,4m
738 0,65m
739 1,65m
746 0,8m
762 0,25m
791 1,45m
792 0,8m
793 0,65m
801 0,6m
869 0,2m
890 1m
904 2,4m
996 0,1m
3746 3,35m
3747 3,5m

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