Cross Stitch Trends for 2024

Cross Stitch Trends for 2024

Jan 25th 2024

It’s the start of a brand new year – what will 2024 have in store? 

After the excitement of the busy holiday season, January feels like the perfect time to cozy up indoors and get stuck into some stitching. 

And what better way to while away those long, dark, winter evenings than to finish off your WIPs and plan your stitchy projects for the year ahead? 

Brimming with fresh goals and aspirations, it’s a time filled with hope and expectation. 

So, what cross stitch crazes are predicted to get our needles twitching in 2024?

Let’s take a sneak peek at the hottest trends set to rock the stitching world over the next twelve months… 


This year, bold colors are IN! Look out for striking shades, vivid hues and eye- catching combinations. While modern, minimalist style continues to be popular, there’s been a noticeable shift away from the ubiquitous neutral gray so prevalent in home décor over recent years.

2024 is all about pops of color – so why not inject a little rainbow into your life? If plain white aida is your go-to, why not make this the year to step outside your comfort zone and stitch on colored fabric?

From Barbie-esque pink to Tree frog green and Sunburst yellow, you’ll find a treasure trove of brightly colored aida, linen and evenweave to explore. Pick the perfect shade to complement your stitching and transform it into something sublime. 

Prefer something a little less vibrant? Be inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 – Peach Fuzz – and opt for a pale pink-orange fabric, such as Apricot Peach


As we head into 2024, sustainability continues to be a key buzzword. In the world of stitching, we’ll see a growing demand for organic cotton and plant- based dyes as brands strive to become more eco-conscious. 

With rising awareness of environmental issues, there will be an increased focus on reducing waste, using recycled materials and avoiding plastic packaging wherever possible.

Luckily for us, cross stitching is already an environmentally-friendly hobby. Providing we have natural daylight, we can enjoy hours of entertainment without requiring any power or fuel at all (apart from an occasional snack to keep us going!). 

That said, we can take steps to be mindful of our own consumption – perhaps by swapping thread colors for ones we already have in our stash or using digital charts to save on paper and printing resources.


Prepare to step back in time and celebrate the 90s as its nostalgic revival continues into 2024. From classic mix tapes to retro TV references, cross stitchers are spoilt for choice when it comes to designs inspired by this decade.

Children of the 90s are now fully grown adults, exhausted and overwhelmed from juggling the stressful demands of work and family life. Given the struggles of recent years, it’s no wonder this generation is reminiscing back to a time when everything seemed simpler. As a result, we’re seeing a resurgence of classic TV sitcoms (e.g. Friends), throwback fashion and 90s pop music. 

This wistful yearning has been embraced by the cross stitch community – many of which belong to this millennial generation – with a plethora of 90s-inspired charts and kits. What’s more, cross stitching is the perfect activity to enjoy while watching TV – so why not catch up on some good old 90s favorites at the same time?


With an ever-growing mental health crisis, it’s never been more important for us to find ways to cope with stress and anxiety. As we approach 2024, more and more people are discovering the wellness benefits of cross stitching, and this is something that has significantly boosted its popularity over recent years.

Stitching is a low-cost act of self-care that’s accessible to almost everybody. And, aside from the odd pricked finger, it comes with zero side effects! 

The gentle, repetitive action of stitching tiny crosses has been proven to help with mindfulness and stress management. 

While we struggle to break our smartphone addictions, cross stitching offers valuable screen-free time that encourages us to unwind after a busy day. In turn, this can help us to feel calmer, sleep better and find that meditative ‘flow state’ which is so important for our mental wellbeing. 


Gone are the days when cross stitch was all about floral borders and cute teddy bears. The rise of subversive stitching has led to an explosion of contemporary designs that have revolutionized what was a traditional craft.

Postmodernism is all about fusing the old with the new – perfectly demonstrated by the wave of quaint-looking sampler designs that feature tongue-in-cheek or NSFW sayings.

Online marketplaces have facilitated a whole new generation of cross stitch designers who are creating modern, progressive charts. 

With so many divisive topics to choose from, it’s increasingly fashionable to express your ideas in stitch form. From protest slogans to political statements, the rise of activism through stitching is a trend that continues to flourish. Whether it’s raising awareness of social issues or tackling injustice, this year we’ll see more diversity in cross stitch than ever before.