Cross Stitch Wedding

Cross Stitch Wedding

Posted by Celia Jenkins on Jun 13th 2024

Wedding season is just around the corner, and what better way to embrace all things matrimonial than with some celebratory cross stitch? Whether you’re a key player in the big day or just attending as a guest, cross stitch can be used to create gifts and keepsakes that will be a special reminder of the day in years to come.

Traditional Samplers

One of the most conventional ways to incorporate cross stitch into a wedding is through the gift of a sampler. A hanging decoration depicting the name of the happy couple, the sampler can include other details such as the date they got married or the location where the ceremony took place. Wedding samplers are richly decorated with meaningful motifs and can easily be personalized. You can buy a wide range of kits with instructions or make up your own design with motifs that are special to the happy couple. Websites like Etsy have countless option for creating your own personalized designs. Samplers don’t even have to include personal details – you can use a Bible quote, a meaningful slogan, or anything that would make it a wonderful keepsake.

  Using a decorated aida, rather than a plain one, can really add to the overall look of a traditional sampler. Look at this beautiful sampler created by Jean Workman of Monticello Stitches. This wonderful sampler was worked on our White Floral Lace on Cream, and we love the way the lace pattern elevates the whole design and gives it a luxurious feel.

Wedding Favours

Is it your big day? Would you like to make wedding favours for your special guests that utilize your skill in cross stitch? A hand made wedding favour will show your love and appreciation for those who help to make your special day come off without a hitch. We love the idea of lavender bags, shaped like hearts, decorated with the name of the couple and the date of the ceremony. Use a patterned aida and the cross stitch decoration won’t take long to add on top. If you like the idea of giving edible wedding favours, like pots of tea leaves, jars of jam, or boxes of biscuits, why not cross stitch the labels to decorate the top? Stitched labels don’t take long to put together and give the personal touch to your wedding favours.

Cross Stitch Wedding Cards

If you want to use cross stitch when celebrating a wedding, sending an aperture wedding card is a perfect little project, particularly if it’s not long until the big day! Buy a kit or make up your own design, incorporating hearts, flowers, rings, doves, a wedding cake, or a mini portrait of the happy couple. Use a slogan to put a smile on someone’s face, either with a sweet message like May your married life be filled with love, joy, and laughter! or a humorous one, such as No longer living in sin.

Gift for the Couple 

Looking for a special gift to give the happy couple? While a wedding sampler is a wonderful keepsake, not everyone likes to have cross stitch artwork displayed on their walls. For an alternative idea, create a timeless sampler and paste it to the front of a large photo album (or use an album with an aperture space for your cross stitch). This will give a unique decoration to the front of the album that will both remind them of their special day and keep their special photographs safe.

  If you have a while to plan your perfect gift, a large decorative hanging will be a wonderful gift to show off your love and dedication to the happy couple. We love this list from Marie Cross Stitch, with designs ranging from bridal bouquets and newlywed hands showing off rings, or a stylish couple in a horse and carriage, to cute designs featuring couples like Mickey and Minnie, a wedding party of cats and mice, or sweet teddy bears in top hat and veil.

Bridal Attire 

While a cross stitch wedding dress might not be to everyone’s taste, there are certainly trends for including embroidered details on both wedding gowns and bridal veils. A classic, white dress with pops of color (such as from floral embroidery) is one trend we’ve noticed, as well as using white thread to embroider details directly onto a wedding gown, creating a textured, lace-like effect. For inspiration on bright, embroidered details onto wedding dresses, check out this list on One Fab Day which includes some stunning gowns which just sing with beautiful details.

Fabric Flair Wedding Aida 

Whether you want to make a celebratory aperture card or a large gift for the happy couple, using a patterned aida will make your design even more unique. Here are some of our top choices for creating a wonderful cross stitch. Gold Damask aida is sophisticated, classic, and gives a touch of luxury without being too glitzy. Our Confetti aida gives a sprinkle of color, just adding a little something extra in the background of your design. Tiny Hearts aida will fit a cute theme, the perfect choice for a handmade gift that will remind the couple of their happy day. Another nice piece that cam become "something blue" at the weddings is our Bridesmaid fabric.