Cross-stitch Ideas and Gifts for Mother’s Day

Cross-stitch Ideas and Gifts for Mother’s Day

Posted by Celia Jenkins on Apr 11th 2024

With Mother’s Day not far away, it’s a great time to start thinking about special ways to celebrate. This article is split into two halves – first, special cross stitch gifts to make if you’re the cross stitcher, and secondly, if it’s your mother who is into cross stitch, we have some gift recommendations to show her how much you care. One way or the other, we’re sure you’ll find something here to make this a special Mothering Sunday. 

Cross Stitch Gifts to Make 

Aperture Cards 

An oldie but a goldie – what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a hand- stitched card? For inexperienced stitchers, you can find kits and charts to follow which will produce a lovely card to give on Mothering Sunday. There are lots of lovely kits available on Etsy if you can’t find something locally. Online PDF patterns can also be inserted into plain aperture cards if you can’t source a kit. Equally, experienced stitchers will be able to put together their own pattern, perhaps with a meaningful quote, funny slogan, or a motif your mum will love. 

Decorative Hanging 

A wall hanging is a great go-to gift, and it is versatile enough to suit any mum. What would yours like best? A traditional ‘Best Mum in the World’ with a sunny, floral border? Or perhaps a funny slogan like ‘Happy Mother’s Day… to my second least embarrassing parent’. Choose something your mum will love to hang on her wall, whether its heartwarming, funny, or something to make her smile.

Herb Kitchen Cross Stitch Pattern

If your mum is a keen gardener or chef, what better way to celebrate your combined talents than making a cross stitch hanging for the kitchen or potting shed? Tiny Modernist has a wonderful 3-in-1 pattern including garden motifs, bees and butterflies, and our favorite – herb designs that could be used in the kitchen or the garden. Use the herb patterns to stitch onto plant pot cozies – we love a gift that is practical as well as beautiful! 

Ultrasound Cross Stitch 

Does your mum have an ultrasound picture from when she was expecting you? Or perhaps you have ultrasound photographs of the grandbabies? Search Ultrasound Cross stitch on Etsy and you’ll get multiple options for turning these precious photographs into stitching projects, usually printable PDF patterns that you can stitch onto an aida of your choice.

Star Map Cross Stitch 

Just like the ultrasound photo, this option enables you to turn a special memory into a lovely cross stitch. Sellers on Etsy can produce maps of the night sky on a particular date, showing you what stars were visible on the night you were born, or another special day you’d like to remember. Worked on black or navy blue aida, these little stars won’t take long to stitch, but will create a piece that will last a lifetime. And while we’re talking about the nights sky, have you seen our gorgeous creationist blue aida

Favorite Flowers 

Flowers are a traditional gift for Mother’s Day, but how about a bunch that won’t wilt over time? Find a chart to follow or put together your own design featuring your mum’s favorite blooms. 


For a personalized Mother’s Day gift, how about stitching her a portrait in a style she’ll love? Realistic likenesses will take a long time to make (and require dozens of embroidery threads to create the perfect tones!) but you can also make cute, cartoon style portraits that will be just as memorable. Perhaps a line-up of all your mum’s grandchildren, or a perfect picture of her favorite furry friends? 

Gifts for Stitch-loving Mothers 

Sewing Box / Project Bag 

Does your mum always have a project on the go? Perhaps she’s well-known in your family for starting new cross stitches before she’s finished what she’s working on! However many projects she’s got on the go, Mum would love a new project bag or sewing box to keep everything (relatively!) neat and tidy. 

Thread Organizer

It’s easy to get in a tangle when you’ve got a project involving a multitude of threads, so why not save mum the hassle with a new thread organizer? There are plenty of styles available to help her keep her threads in order. 

Needle Minders and Pin Cushions 

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down to your stitching, to find that you’ve misplaced your needle. This Mother’s Day, how about a new needle minder or pin cushion to help your mum keep track of her stitching accoutrements. They come in lots of different styles so you’re sure to find one that will appeal to her. 

Stitching Book / Magazine 

We’re used to buying patterns online now, or even following digital PDF patterns, but there’s something lovely about a traditional printed pattern book, too. Whether it’s a subscription to a stitching magazine, or a pattern book that highlights new embroidery styles (such as Japanese sashiko, or a guide to slow stitching). A pattern book is the perfect Mother’s Day gift to give endless inspiration for projects to enjoy throughout the year. 

Magnetic Fabric Clips

Does your mum work on big cross stitch projects with a large roll of aida to wrangle each time she does some stitching? If some, some magnetic fabric clips would be the perfect gift to keep everything in order. Just roll up the bit of aida you’re not working on, and the clips will keep it in place – without marking the fabric!