Merry Cross Stitch-mas

Merry Cross Stitch-mas

Dec 4th 2023

From little gifts to masterpieces that you’ve been working on all year, Christmas is the perfect time to show off your cross-stitch skills by giving handmade gifts to your nearest and dearest. We’ve compiled a list of hand-stitched present ideas for you to start working on. 

For Your Mother

If you come from a stitching family, it might have been your mother or grandmother who first taught you how to use a needle and thread. As such, a fitting gift could be one to do with their own cross stitch hobby. A small sewing box, which could be personalized with a special message, will make a great place for them to store spare needles and loose bits of thread between crafting sessions. A bigger bag, which you could embroider with some meaningful motifs, would be suitable for storing larger projects and keeping them safe on the go. If your mother isn’t a crafter but still appreciates your work, how about a small, framed embroidery. You could even find an old fashioned ‘music chip’ to be inserted between the cross stitch and backing, so that when you press the button it will play a familiar tune.

For Your Father 

Many people find that dad’s can be difficult to buy for, but with cross stitch up your sleeve, it gives you plenty more options! A jet-setting dad would appreciate personalized luggage tags, whereas a bookworm would like a meaningful bookmark. If your dad is recently retired and wants to put his feet up, how about a cushion with a humorous slogan to join him on the couch. Foodie fathers could make use of embroidered napkin rings, or even an apron detailed with motifs of favorite ingredients. If Dad spends his time in the garden, stitch something to hang in the shed such as planting diary, or perhaps a favorite gardening quote – to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. (Audrey Hepburn)

For Your Siblings 

Whether you and your siblings are like peas in a pod or more like chalk and cheese, use your cross stitch skills to bring a smile to your brothers and sisters this Christmas. Jokes between siblings always go down well at Christmas, so how about stitching your sister a gift tag labeled ‘2 nd favorite daughter’, or one for your brother that says ‘spare, not heir’. Stitch special gifts that they can use with their best hobbies – a beer mat for the pub goers, a console rest for gamers, affirmation cards for yogis, a bead mat for jewelry makers, an ear bud case for music lovers…

For Your Partner 

Your significant other deserves something unique at Christmas to remind them that they’re your one and only. What about stitching a special date (such as the day you met, first kissed, or got married) along with a meaningful picture. You could look up what constellations were visible in the sky on that special night and stitch an interpretation onto black aida with white or silver thread. Or perhaps the picture will be a couple representing the two of you, hand in hand, strolling along in a recognizable and special place, like your favorite beach, park, or coffee shop. 

For Your Children 

The birth of your child is the day you’ll never forget, so make a special gift to celebrate this date, no matter how old your child is now. Just the word ‘Love’ and the date they were born would make for a stunning and heartfelt wall hanging. For something small, stitch the special memory onto a rectangle of aida small enough to fit in their wallet alongside their credit cards, so they always have it with them. Young children will love decorated clothes for their dollies and teddies, whereas your grown-up children will appreciate something they can pass onto their own offspring. 

For Your Friends 

Making a gift for a special friend? How about a reminder of your favorite memory of something you did together, in the style of the Friends TV sitcom? In black thread on white aida, stitch the title such as ‘The One Where We Went to Vegas’ or ‘The One Where We Ate Four Pizzas’. Decorated with the recognizable colored dots from the TV series title sequence, this wall hanging will bring a smile to their face every time they see it and think of your special memories.

For Your Colleagues 

Office catchphrases are a great way to give personal gifts that don’t take long to make. Stitch out your designs onto a mug holder or coaster that can be used at their desks, detailing something that each colleague says or does. For example, ‘For the person who always hogs the photocopier’ or ‘It’s like, literally, right there’. If you’re having an office Christmas party, read out each catchphrase to see if people can guess who you’ve immortalized in your stitching.

For Your Neighbors 

From meaningful messages (Neighbors by chance, friends by choice) to more humorous quotes (God bless this mess) decorative wall hangings with special quotes are a great way for your neighbors to decorate their home. Whether you’ve lived in the same area for years or they’ve moved in recently, show the neighbors how you feel with a homemade gift this Christmas.