QUIZ: What Type of Cross Stitcher Are You?

QUIZ: What Type of Cross Stitcher Are You?

Jun 21st 2023

Cross stitchers are a diverse bunch, and the recent explosion of contemporary designs means there’s something for everyone. 

From lockdown newbies to lifelong enthusiasts, we all stitch in our own way.

Whether you prefer subversive quotes or traditional samplers, there’s one thing for sure – stitching tiny Xs is not just enjoyable, but incredibly addictive! 

Whatever your style, it’s a hobby that can take you from occasional dabbler to absolute fanatic.

Some love to stitch cards and gifts for special occasions, while others find therapy in the meditative act of stitching itself.

Are you a one-at-a-time stitcher or are you drowning in WIPs (Work in Progress projects)? 

Do you have a neat and tidy stash, or is it bursting at the seams? 

What type of cross stitcher are you? Find out with our fun quiz!


1. How many projects are you working on right now? 

a) Just one – and I’ll probably complete it before I start anything else

b) I always have a few on the go – one big piece, plus a couple of small designs 

c) I’m surrounded by WIPs and just can’t resist the lure of a new project

2. What’s your favorite type of fabric to stitch on?

a) Plain white aida works for me

b) Sometimes I’ll try colored or sparkly aida, but I mostly stitch on white 

c) You name it, I’ve tried it – from evenweave to soluble canvas, I just love them all! 

3. How would you describe your stitchy stash?

a) Compact – everything fits nicely into my stitching box 

b) Expanding all the time, and I’ll need more storage soon 

c) Overflowing! It started with a small bag and is now taking over the house.

4. Your local craft store announces a 50% off sale – how do you react?

a) If I need something, I’ll stop by 

b) Awesome! I could use some new threads 

c) I’m already there, and I’ve filled my basket

5. You’ve been so busy that you haven’t had chance to stitch all week. How do you feel? 

a) Cool – I’ll catch up when I get chance. I’m too busy enjoying life! 

b) Disappointed, but looking forward to a good stitching session

c) Itching to stitch – withdrawal symptoms are setting in! 

6. A gorgeous new design catches your eye. What do you do?

a) Finish your current project, but keep it in mind for the future

b) Take a photo and add it to your growing to-stitch list 

c) Stop everything and get your needle out. WIPs or no WIPs, you just HAVE to stitch this! 

7. Woohoo, it’s vacation time! And you’ll be…

a) Too busy sunbathing or sightseeing to think about stitching – that can wait until you’re home

b) Packing a mini kit to enjoy in the evenings 

c) Stuffing your suitcase with as many stitchy supplies as possible 

8. What type of cross stitch projects do you love the most? 

a) Quick and easy – I love a mini kit 

b) Various styles of charts and kits – but the less French knots, the better 

c) My stash of fabric and threads is so huge, I tend to just buy charts

9. There’s a kit hanging around in your stash that you know you’ll never stitch. What do you do with it? 

a) Give it away or sell it 

b) Take it apart and save the fabric and threads for another project

c) Keep it, just in case! You never know when the perfect occasion will arise 

10. You’re invited to a casual family gathering. Would you take your stitching? 

a) Definitely not! Stitching is something I only do at home 

b) No, but I’ll be looking forward to a good stitching session when I get home later 

c) Of course! I can stitch and chat, what’s the problem? 


Mostly As – Casual Crafter 

You like to dabble in cross stitch, but it’s probably not your main hobby. Stitching is something you like doing to pass the time or unwind after a long, busy day. With a neat and tidy stash, you prefer smaller projects that are quick and easy to complete. If you’d like to expand your stitchy skills, maybe now is a good time to try something new! 

Mostly Bs – Steady Stitcher

You love cross stitch and enjoy every step of the process – from the excitement of choosing your next project to the satisfaction of finally completing it. Whether it’s a small kit or a sampler, you’ve tried a variety of designs and you’re always thinking about what to stitch next. What will your future stitching challenge be? 

Mostly Cs – Totally Obsessed

It’s official – you’re 100% addicted to cross stitch! You love the thrill of starting a new project and often stay up past your bedtime to stitch “just one more row”. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your ever-growing pile of WIPs, but you just can’t resist adding more. For you, life is definitely better in stitches!