Stitching in Springtime

Stitching in Springtime

Posted by Celia Jenkins on Feb 28th 2024

Is Springtime a season that you find easy to overlook? The build-up to Christmas is such an exciting (and tiring!) time of year, by the time we’re done shrugging off the winter and its cold, dark days, many of us are looking forward to the summer. However, there’s so much to be appreciated in the wonders of Springtime, all of which can be reflected in your cross stitch. Whether you’re making Easter themed gifts or stitching something to brighten your own home, Easter is a great source of cross stitch inspiration. So as we approach the Easter holidays, see if any of these springtime ideas can motivate your next cross stitch projects.

Traditional Easter Motifs

Something that is always easy to find a pattern or project for is Easter time. Rabbits, chicks, lambs, and eggs are popular motifs, and you can easily find a style to suit you – from quick, cute stitches in a cartoon style, to more lifelike depictions requiring a variety of threads in different colors. Find a motif that you’d like to replicate, then just decide what you’re going to do with it – greetings card, cushion cover, wall hanging, keyring… there are endless possibilities to suit your skill level and time constraints.

Christian Easter Insignia

Religious cross stitch is also a popular choice for Easter time and would make a wonderful present for a churchgoing friend, or perhaps could be donated to decorate your local church hall? Search online for patterns of crosses and crucifixes, moving portraits of the Lord carrying his cross, or perhaps a poignant Biblical quote or Gospel Hymn in glorious colors that will celebrate the season (such as "It is well"). A quote like this looks wonderful on simple coconut solid. Another popular choice is "God is Good" with some decorations to uplift and brighten any room.

Happy Easter Cards

Aperture cards are the go-to option for cross stitch flaunting at any time of year, and after all the bright red cards you made at Christmas, it’s nice to choose something a bit different in the spring. Easter cards in pastel colors (like pale pink, sky blue, or soft yellow) will be a welcomed border to your stitched design, whether you’re going for something religious, traditionally Easter themed, or 100% chocolate. Bright neon colors can work in the springtime too, particularly if you’re choosing eye-catching florals or a memorable slogan.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

We all have a chocaholic in our lives (it might even be you!) who would appreciate a chocolate-themed gift this Easter. Rather than adding to the calories with an edible gift, how about giving someone a cross stitch present with a chocolate theme? A cross stitch brooch with a catchy slogan like ‘self-confessed chocaholic’ will be a cute, wearable present. Another option is a decorative tote bag (which they can use when they go shopping for Easter eggs) with a chocolatey design on the front. For something more intricate, how about a wall hanging depicting a tempting box of chocolate, embellished with French knots, beadwork, and other glittering accessories?


At any time of year, flowers are a popular theme for creating cross stitch pieces that boast a timeless design. As the warmer weather comes our way and we’re reminded of what’s been lying dormant beneath our feet, why not create some floral reminders to keep that fresh feeling the whole year around? Favorite springtime blooms include daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocus, primrose, bluebell, forsythia, hellebore, and ranunculus, but choose whichever flowers have a cheerful vibe and bring a smile to your face.

Acts of Cross Stitch Kindness

If you tend to feel a bit worn down and drab at this time of year, a great way to pick yourself up is by doing something for someone else. It’s been proven that doing acts of kindness for other people is also beneficial to you – taking part in an act of kindness produces serotonin in your body, which can make you feel calm, peaceful and positive. Your act of cross stitch kindness doesn’t need to be a big thing – an aperture card, a key ring, a stitched motif on a necklace… just something small to brighten someone’s day. You could give your gift to a friend or colleague, or leave the present in a public place for someone to find (with a label, explaining that it’s a gift for them to take home). Acts of kindness are something you can do by yourself, or create a local movement to build connections with others.


Some cross stitchers like to work on projects to suit the season, and if that describes you, hopefully you’ve enjoyed our suggestions about what to work on for this Easter. If you have any other top ideas, feel free to share them on our social media platforms or send us a picture of what you’ve been working on!