Fabric Flair's Fall Cross Stitching Collection

Posted by Fabric Flair on Oct 4th 2021

This Season’s Best Fall Cross Stitching Fabrics

Dedicated cross stitchers can testify that there is nothing more exciting than picking out a new fall cross stitching fabric and pattern to work with. Although cross stitching is an excellent year-round craft, the turning of summer to fall brings a fresh air of delight.

The leaves are turning, and the cool breezes are picking up; it’s time to get cozy with your next cross stitching project! Whether you want to cross stitch a spooky scene or a festive fall saying, there is a world of cross stitching fabrics for you to choose from.

Finding the best cross stitch supplies to match your project’s needs can be rather tricky. With so many beautiful colors and patterns, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices! Your project begins with the cross stitching fabric you choose; therefore, it’s crucial for you to choose wisely.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! Here are our top cross stitching fabrics for your fall project:

Spooky Halloween Cross Stitch Fabrics

Do you have a hankering to create a spooky Halloween scene? Haunted mansions, wicked witches, and bloodthirsty vampires all make fascinating and fun cross stitch scenes. This Witch’s Moon fabric is the perfect choice for a scary cross stitch project! Likewise, a Spider Web cross stitch fabric is a great backing for any frightening project. If adorable ghosts are more your scene, check out this Glow in the Dark Ghost cross stitching fabric.

Classic Fall Leaves Cross Stitch Fabrics

Fall time isn’t here until you start seeing the leaves on the trees begin to change. Deep reds, burning oranges, warm browns, and mustard yellows are the shades that put us in the mood to start decorating and crafting for Autumn. For a more vibrant project, check out the Autumn Leaves and Yellow Autumn Leaves cross stitching fabrics! This Grey Leaf Impressions fabric lends for a more subtle, although beautiful approach.

Autumn Spice Cross Stitch Fabrics

A Pumpkin Spice Hand Dyed fabric or a Pansy Purple Hand Dyed fabric will give your project the custom Autumn appearance you have been looking for! Unique materials are highly sought after for cross stitchers desiring a personalized fabric experience. For a more solid and consistent approach, check out this seasonable Pumpkin Pie cross stitch fabric!

From eerie Halloween scenes to cozy fall quotes, the ideas are endless for Autumn cross stitching projects. Furthermore, it can be tough to pinpoint the exact supplies needed for any cross stitching project. Don’t let uncertainty stunt your creativity this season!

Here at Fabric Flair, we’re committed to providing our readers and customers with high-quality cross stitching fabrics and cross stitching project ideas. We are just as passionate about cross stitching as you are and are dedicated to providing the best possible supplies and advice. For more compelling project starters and cross stitching supply tips, we invite you to follow our Blog