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Tiny Modernist's Dark Stone

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Tiny Modernist's Dark Stone Cross Stitch Fabric

The fabric behind Cheryl's 2024 yearlong Stitch-A-Long!

The 11-Part Series is a cute Tarot sampler featuring the 22 Major Arcana cards, specially designed for stitchers and crafters (pins, needles, floss, scissors, hoops, cute animals and characters etc.):


Finished Pattern Specs: 

Stitch Count: 288w x 344h 
Design Size: 21"w x 24"h (14-count) or 18"w x 21"h (16-count)
Stitches used: Cross Stitch, Back Stitch

Fabric: Model was stitched over 2 on 28-count Linen in “Tiny Modernist's Dark Stone” by Fabric Flair. 

Please make sure to cut your fabric at least 3" larger than the design on each side, 6" in total to each side (so for the full design, use a fabric piece that is at least 27" x 30" for 14-ct or 24" x 27" for 16-ct)


About our Dying

Using the latest technology we can create beautiful, hand dyed effect fabrics that are colorfast and much more environmentally friendly. Note: although the fabric looks identical to hand dyed, it is not actually dyed by hand. Our dying method is better because of the following reasons;

  • Washable to 212°F (100°C).Colorfast.
  • Lightfast. Your designs will keep without fading.
  • Pattern consistency so the dyed pattern you see is what you get.
  • Environmentally friendly. Uses less than 1% of the dye of the next leading brand.
  • Made in Europe, colored in the USA.
 This fabric is available in many counts, types and sizes of fabric. Silver opalescent and gold treatments are optional.
About Colors
Note: Computer screens do not represent colors the same as real life.